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Some pages of this work have been moved from the original sequence to enable the contents to continue without interruption. The page numbering remains unaltered. Only references within this volume have been linked. A complete Index for all four volumes will be found at the end of this Volume. The book cover has been created by the transcriber and is placed in the public domain. Transition and growth, change and decay and reconstruction marked the half-century covered in the previous three volumes.

In the twenty-two years that divide the return of the Liberals in from the "Grand Smash" as Mr. Page has called it ofthese features are intensified to an extent that renders the task of attempting even a superficial survey perilous and intractable to one who is neither a philosopher nor a trained historian.

The wisest and sanest of those who have lived through these wonderful times are too near their heights and depths to caricature di delirium tremens them in true perspective. Whatever merit attaches to this chronicle is due to its reliance on contemporary opinion as expressed in the pages of an organ of independent middle-class views. It is within these limits a history of Victorians and post-Victorians written by themselves. But the period on which we now enter did more than merely coincide with the end of one century and the beginning of another.

It marked the passing of the Old Order, the passing of the Victorian age: of the Queen, who, alike in her virtues and limitations, in caricature di delirium tremens strength and narrowness of her personality, epitomized most of its qualities; and of the type of Elder Statesmen, of whom, with the sole exception [Pg 4] of Mr.

Balfour, none remains at the moment as an active force in the political arena. Of the Ministry of the only survivor who mixes in practical politics is Mr. Asquith, but his record as a legislator hardly entitles him to the name of an Elder Statesman in the Victorian sense. Caricature di delirium tremens, too, with the Unionist Ministers who held office from to Veterans such as Lord Chaplin, Lord George Hamilton and Lord Lansdowne enjoy respect, but they do not sway public opinion, and are debarred by age from active leadership and office.

Lord Midleton stood aside caricature di delirium tremens make way for younger men when the Coalition Government was formed, and Lord Selborne is perhaps the only Conservative statesman who held office before who has any chance of sitting in a future Cabinet.

It was not only an age of endings; it was also an age of beginnings, fresh and sometimes false starts, both as regards men and measures. It witnessed the coming of the Death Duties inwhen Sir William Harcourt's "Radical Budget," by equalizing the charges on real and personal property, paved the way for the more drastic legislation introduced by the Liberals in and the following years.

This was Harcourt's greatest achievement, and perhaps the most notable effort in constructive policy of the short-lived Liberal administration; for the second Home Rule Bill was dropped on its rejection by the Peers.

Under the Unionist administrations of Mr. Joseph Chamberlain, as Colonial Secretary, and Mr. Yet at the culminating point of his popularity Mr. Caricature di delirium tremens left the Government to prosecute that Fiscal Campaign which broke up the Government, broke down his strength, and ended caricature di delirium tremens brilliant career in enforced retirement.

Wyndham's withdrawal from the Government, owing to friction over Irish policy, closed in early middle age the career of the most gifted and attractive politician of his generation.

The enigmatic smile of this Old Master distinguishes it from that other National treasure, the "Bonar Lisa. From onwards we are confronted by the meteoric and Protean personalities of Mr. Lloyd George and Mr. Winston [Pg 6] Churchill, who between them have held almost all the great offices of State, and ranged over the whole spectrum of Party colours, and lastly caricature di delirium tremens Lord Birkenhead.

Churchill's father had once called Mr. Gladstone "an old man in a hurry. The demands of organized Labour were conceded caricature di delirium tremens the Trade Disputes Bill of —the greatest landmark in industrial legislation of the last half-century—and in the People's Budget led to the revolt and surrender of the House of Lords.

Yet concurrently with the democratic drift of Liberal finance and social reform, the principle of a continuity of foreign policy, initiated by Lord Rosebery, and continued by Lord Salisbury and Lord Lansdowne, was faithfully maintained by Sir Edward Grey, whose sober and frugal expositions contrasted strangely with the vivacity and flamboyant rhetoric of his colleagues.

It is the fashion in some quarters to regard the late King Edward as "the only begetter" of the Entente ; it is at any rate within the mark to credit him with having missed no opportunity of fostering it by his tact and bonhomie.

It was no easy task. When he visited Paris caricature di delirium tremens the caricature di delirium tremens greetings were perfectly caricature di delirium tremens, but the animosity aroused over the Boer war found vent in outrageous and unseemly caricatures. England was then the most unpopular country in the world; and in allaying this general distrust and dislike, the personal relations of King Edward with foreign statesmen and rulers wrought powerfully for goodwill and a better caricature di delirium tremens.

Looking back, in the light of fuller knowledge, on the South African war ofwe cannot fail to recognize [Pg 7] how narrowly we escaped the active hostility of more than one European Power; how much we owe to the wise magnanimity of the British Government in granting full autonomy to the Transvaal caricature di delirium tremens —an act not only justified by the sequel but approved by those who voted against it.

It converted the most formidable of those who fought against us into loyal servants of the Empire in her hour of greatest need; it allayed the [Pg 8] misgivings of those caricature di delirium tremens home who had opposed the Boer war, and it silenced the criticisms of foreigners who had denounced our aim as the extermination of a people rightly struggling to be free.

Whatever views may be held as to the origin of the Caricature di delirium tremens war—that it was caricature di delirium tremens on by mining magnates, or that it was the inevitable result of a reactionary system which threatened our hold on South Africa—it remains one of the very few examples of a war which, in the long run, left things better than they had been, and satisfied the aspirations of the majority of the conquered. And if we did not learn all the lessons that we might have learned from the military point of view, the experience was not thrown away.

The services of Kitchener, Plumer and Byng, to mention only three out of scores of names, proved that what was comparatively a little war was a true school of leadership for the greatest of all. Great Britain's warlike operations throughout this period were intra-Imperial, and the scale of the South African campaign, in which from first to last we putmen into the field, dwarfed the troubles in Ashanti and on the Indian frontier into insignificance.

That we kept out of all the other wars which convulsed the world between and must be put down to good management caricature di delirium tremens well as good luck. It is remarkable to notice the steady if gradual convergence of the war clouds on Europe, the drawing in of the war zone from the circumference to the centre, beginning with the conflict between China and Japan.

The brief and inglorious Greco-Turkish war hardly counts, and Europe was not physically engaged in the Spanish-American war, where all the fighting was done in the New World. Politically its significance was far-reaching, as revising the Monroe Doctrine and enlarging the Imperial horizons of the United States. Politically, again, the "Boxer" rising in China affected the European Powers, whose competing interests in the "integrity of China" caricature di delirium tremens not reconciled by their joint expedition for the relief of the Legations in Here again the fighting was in the Far East, as it was in the Russo-Japanese war, if we except the caricature di delirium tremens incident" of the Dogger Bank; and Russia has always caricature di delirium tremens as much an Oriental as a Western Power.

But the Russo-Japanese war [Pg 10] shook Tsardom to its foundations, promoted Japan to the status of a Great Power, and compensated her largely for the intervention of Russia, Germany and France in robbing caricature di delirium tremens of the spoils of her victory over China. The European conflagration broke out in with the war of the Balkan League on Turkey. Victory crowned the efforts of a righteous cause—the relief of oppressed nationalities from the oppressions and exactions of a corrupt and tyrannous rule—but was wasted by the internecine quarrels and irreconcilable demands of the victors.

Serbia, who had lived down much of the odium excited by the barbarous murders of Alexander and Draga, and had borne more than her share of the war against Turkey, was isolated, partly by her own intransigence, mainly by the greed, the diplomatic manoeuvres and the treachery of her allies, and in her isolation fell a victim to the dynastic ambitions of Austria.

The assassination of the Crown Prince Ferdinand at Sarajevo was the excuse for Austria's ultimatum to Serbia, the proximate cause of the Great War of Whether engineered in Vienna or not, the murder secured the removal of an heir whose succession to the throne of Austria-Hungary was looked upon with grave suspicion by a powerful group in Austria who had no desire to upset the House of Hapsburg but profoundly distrusted the Crown Prince.

In the homely phrase Sarajevo killed two birds with one stone. It eliminated an uncertain and unpopular prince, and furnished Austria with an opportunity for gratifying her long-standing hostility to Serbia. But there was a third and bigger bird; for the complicity of Germany in dispatching the Ultimatum is no matter for surmise. Without her support and pressure it would never have been sent. Confronted on all sides by problems of such magnitude and far-reaching importance, it is not to be wondered at if Punch —primarily a comic journal—failed to gauge their full significance, or to preserve an attitude of inflexible consistency in his comments.

There was always a certain divergence between his editorial policy as expressed in the cartoons and the comments of individual members of his staff. This elasticity made for impartiality caricature di delirium tremens the main; but it became somewhat perplexing [Pg 11] at the time of the Boer war, when a general support of the Government was combined with very sharp criticism of Lord Milner.

Yet if Punch here and elsewhere spoke with more than one voice, his views on high policy, international relations and home affairs exhibit a certain general uniformity and caricature di delirium tremens. He supported both the Entente and the alliance with Japan. The spasm of irritation over the Fashoda incident soon passed; he resented the intervention of Russia and Germany which robbed Japan of the fruits of her victory over China, and his sympathies were unmistakably with Japan in the caricature di delirium tremens with Caricature di delirium tremens.

Punch was consistently and increasingly critical of the Kaiser, while perhaps over-ready to dissociate his temper from that not only of the German people but of the educated classes; he was also consistently alive to the menace of German competition in naval armaments and trade, though by no means disposed to acquit British merchants and workmen from a provocative lethargy.

Towards America, Punch's attitude shows a progressive benevolence. The Venezuela incident and President Cleveland's message at the beginning of this period brought us within measurable distance of a rupture, happily averted by negotiation, as the later and less serious difficulty over the Alaska boundary caricature di delirium tremens averted by arbitration.

One may fairly say that Punch's relief at the pacific adjustment of these outstanding questions was far greater than his sensitiveness on the point of national honour. He did not refrain from the use of the word "filibustering" in connexion with the Spanish-American war, in which the gallantry of Cervera went far to enlist caricature di delirium tremens on the beaten side; but with the accession to the Presidency of Mr.

Roosevelt, a man in many ways after Punch's own heart, though not exempt from criticism for his controversial methods, a friendlier tone became apparent, and the historic "indiscretion" of Admiral Sims's speech at the Guildhall in helped to create the atmosphere of goodwill which rendered possible the fulfilment of his prophecy.

On National Defence caricature di delirium tremens the maintenance of our naval supremacy Punch continued to speak with no uncertain voice. He applauded Lord Roberts's patriotic but neglected warnings and his advocacy of universal military service, and lent a [Pg 12] friendly but not uncritical approval to the Territorial Army scheme. Recruiting Sergeant Punch : "No, Sir. The fact is, Mr. Bull, if you can't make it better worth their while to enlist, you'll have to shoulder a rifle yourself!

In regard to Ireland and Home Rule, after the rejection of the Home Rule Bill of Punch's independent support of the Liberals gave place to a general support of the Unionist policy, tempered by caricature di delirium tremens more or less critical attitude towards Ulster.

He cannot be blamed for neglecting caricature di delirium tremens note the obscure and academic beginnings of the Sinn Fein movement, or for failing to forecast that triple alliance of Sinn Fein with the old physical force party and the Labour extremists under [Pg 13] Larkin which led to the rebellion of Easter, The Government expert, who devoted seven years to the neglect of his duties, was sunk in unholy ignorance of all that was going on until the explosion took place.

For the rest, Punch became increasingly critical of the demands of Labour and the parochial outlook of its leaders; increasingly antagonistic to the measures passed in satisfaction of those demands. At the same time he devoted more space than ever to satirizing, ridiculing, and castigating the excesses, extravagances and eccentricities of "smart" society, the week-end pleasure hunt of the idle rich, and all the other features which may be summed up in the phrase, "England de Luxe.

The note of misgiving is not lacking, but it is sounded less vehemently than in the 'eighties of the last century. In the main Punch's temper may be expressed, to borrow from Bagehot, as an "animated moderation. To turn from outlines to details, one is confronted in with Mr. Gladstone's second attempt to solve a problem which Giraldus Cambrensis pronounced insoluble seven centuries ago. Punch's caricature di delirium tremens cartoons on the Home Rule Bill are negligible, but the difficulties of the Premier's position are aptly shown in the picture of Gladstone as a knight in armour on a perilous pathway between the Irish Nationalist bog and the "last ditch" of Ulster.

The accompanying text, modelled on Bunyan, represents Mr. Gladstone as a Pilgrim relying as much on tactics as the sword.

Bull, do you see any 'green' in my eye? In the "Essence of Parliament" little is said of the arguments, but we get a glimpse of Lord Randolph Churchill's return to the political arena and echoes of the unbridled loquacity of Mr. The cartoons are more instructive, notably that on the introduction of the "Guillotine" by Gladstone, with the G. The fate of the measure is neatly hit off in the "Little Billee" cartoon; Home Rule as "Little Billee" is about to be massacred by the House of Lords, represented by Salisbury and Hartington as chief villains.

But whatever were his views on the merits of Home Rule, Punch was decidedly critical of the Government's naval policy, and when Mr. Gladstone and Mr. Morley had simultaneously made seemingly irreconcilable speeches on the subject, he adroitly invoked the shade of Cobden, who had, in certain conditions, proclaimed himself a Big Navyite. Punch fortified the argument by a set of verses headed "Rule Britannia" and ending with this stanza:—.

Yet when Mr.